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Risk factors for medical complications of acute hemorrhagic stroke


Objective: To assess the risk factors leading to medical complications of hemorrhagic stroke.
Methods: We conducted an observational study in neurology, emergency and general medicine wards at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Kadapa. We recruited hemorrhagic stroke patients, and excluded the patients have evidence of trauma or brain tumor as the cause of hemorrhage. We observed the subjects throughout their hospital stay to assess the risk factors and complications.
Results: During period of 12 months, 288 subjects included in the study, 89% of them identified at least 1 prespecified risk factor for their admission in hospital and 75% of them experienced at least 1 prespecified complication during their stay in hospital. Around 47% of subjects deceased, among which 64% were females.
Conclusions: Our study has assessed that hypertension followed by diabetes mellitus are the major risk factors for medical complications of hemorrhagic stroke. Female mortality rate was more when compared to males.

Authors: Jangala Mohan Sidhartha, Aravinda Reddy Purma, Lomati Venkata Pavan Kumar Reddy*, Nagaswaram Krupa Sagar, Marri Prabhu Teja, Meda Venkata Subbaiah, Muniswami Purushothaman

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