Pharm. D: The Innovative Era of Pharmacy Profession in India


Product to patient is the slogan of Pharm. D. India is emerging as a major destination for medical tourism, clinical research and new drug development. Pharm. D is a professional Pharmacy Doctoral Programme. Pharm. D is a Latin term which stands for ‘Pharmaciae Doctor’ which means ‘Doctor of Pharmacy’. Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines. For 6 year course, 5 years of clinical and community based theory with ward rounds and the final year internship in hospitals. The ward rounds and internship will provide immense opportunities to familiarize themselves with the practical know-how of clinical evaluation of day to day real life challenges of patient care. Besides Indian graduate seeking oversees opportunities suddenly found that their qualification was no longer recognized for practicing in certain countries, thus their dreams are curtailed. Pharmacy council of India president Dr. B. Suresh gives above valuable guidelines about Pharm. D. He also enlightened the jobs opportunity that with so many clinical research management projects coming to the India there is a huge job potential in waiting for Pharm. D professionals. At the end he concludes that Pharm. D programme will equip our pharmacy professional.

Authors: Languluri Reddenna*, Tedlla Rama Krishna, Shaik Ayub Basha, Kanala Siva Kumar
Reddy, Lomati Venkata Pavan Kumar Reddy, Anga Samson Deepak

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