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Microbiological Study of Respiratory Tract Infections in a South Indian Hospital


This study was aimed to determine the common and clinically significant bacteria isolates in this environment. A retrospective study was conducted in the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences for the period of 6 months. Case sheets & microbiological reports from general medicine department were included in the study and out patients in general medicine department and other departments were excluded from this study. Klebsiella sps. (15.8%) was more prevalent followed by Staphylococcus albus (12.2%), Pseudomonas sps (9.7%) in the present study. Respiratory infections are common in hospital settings. Klebsiella sps was more prevalent followed by Staphylococcus albus, Pseudomonas sps. Surveillance of the bacteria isolated from patients over prolonged periods not only can provide important information for day-to-day decision making in antimicrobial therapy in individual hospitals but can also reflect local trends and shifts in aetiology and antimicrobial drug resistance. So, there is an urgent need to develop standards of antimicrobial drug prescriptions to avoid drug resistance.

Authors: Jangala Mohan Sidhartha, Lomati Venkata Pavan Kumar Reddy*, Yerraguntla Hrushi Kesh Reddy, Meda Venkata Subbaiah

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