Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D): An Innovative Notion in India


Pharmacy profession is an antique career dedicated to innovation and improvement of drugs. Pharmacy education had started by Prof. M. L. Schroff at Banaras Hindu University in the year 1932. Pharmaceutical education had advanced to great extent and bit-by-bit getting reputation as much as other professional courses. Opportunities available to pharmacy graduates in clinical and hospital pharmacy areas are minus due to our profession would not recognized by the central and state government. In India, the pharmacy platform had concentrated on industrial aspects when compared with clinical aspects in all over the world. Pharmacy council of India considering the above limitation associated with the profession and ongoing a Pharm-D programmes and based on the clinical aspects for the fulfillment of public health care system. People are little educated having number of social habits, becoming slaves and burden to the society. For conventional role, the pharmacist requires sound knowledge of clinical profession and pharmaceutical care. In view of these aspects, primer of Pharm-D program in India is of paramount importance. The first batch of Pharm-D acquired admission in 2008 and it is a professional pharmacy doctoral program. It is an acronym of doctor of pharmacy. Pharm-D plays a major role in the health care system in future and gave an opportunity for pharmacists to work more prominently in the Indian health care system. It is essential to provide sufficient opportunities for carrying out real and innovative practice experiences in the Pharm-D program.

Authors: Languluri Reddenna*, Tedlla Rama Krishna, Shaik Ayub Basha, Kanala Siva Kumar
Reddy, Lomati Venkata Pavan Kumar Reddy, Anga Samson Deepak

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